The Beef Cattle Breeders Cooperative ‘Mazurska Wolowina’ unites local beef cattle raisers from the Mazury Garbate region in the northern part of the Mazurian Lake District.
Our beef cattle have excellent living conditions as the Mazurian Lake District is known for its fresh air, the diverse type of landscape with natural shelterbelts and water reservoirs.
Beef that comes from animals raised on the open pastures for the most of the year has an exceptional taste and nutritional value.
We offer a wide range of Limousine cattle including young stock, weaned calves, adult cows, finished stock, cows in calf and in-calf heifers, breeding bulls, as well as meat products derived thereof.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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Bydła Mięsnego Mazurska Wołowina
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